Saturday, December 29, 2012

Life sucks. Deal with it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

bla bla bla

Nothing major to report. Some emotional breakdowns due to struggling to find work for the most part. Yet again i'm spending christmas alone. my mom stopped celebrating it ever since my dad died in 06 and the moving of her best friend to cuba strengthened that notion. as an early christmas present my mom got me a bottle of cologne. yay. kris (the detroit ex) and i have been chatting. nothing major, just catching the other up on our days. she's seeing someone now but i dont know how serious is it since i was raised not to ask such things. do i want her back in my life? very much so. infinity comics' Tales of Danger which was supposed to be released this summer has been plagued with delays yet again. one artist is ridiculously slow and other was scammed by a computer repair guy. i swear there must be a curse or something. due to the stress of having suicidal thoughts and my ADHD controlling me, i'm taking a break from IC to focus on my life first and foremost. i've left two friends in charge of things. they've seen me run things long enough to know what to do. so once our 2nd issue, Tales of Danger, is released i wipe my hands go on a sabbatical. maybe i'll get to work on my first project, a Red Phantom novella. It'll be a short story in which our hero travels to Louisiana to deal with a mobster who has voodoo powers. Lots of zombie (traditional, not that flesh eating crap that nerds have wet dreams over) action, gods, black magic, pulp action etc etc. i think with my SSI check I'll get a smartphone so i can take pics, facebook, and do shit from outside. trying to control my diabetes is killing me. most of the foods i have to eat i'm allergic to and not to mention slightly expensive. we can't afford to buy the really healthy, gluten free stuff. and that's all folks. i'm done.