Friday, October 26, 2012

Damn you Google+

Just like Facebook, Google had to upgrade my journal to be "Google+ friendly". Lovely. The format is different yet again, I can't access any of the emails of the subscribers (it went from 300 to 320 in a day) nor can I see other information. Well I can but it's gibberish to me. This is going to be a pain. I know it.


The Abilify is helping me in deal with my bipolar disorder. Still doesn't remove the bad memories of things I've done and said to people when in the midst of a depressive episode. So many people I pushed away because of negative triggers.

The Vyvanse is also helping me control my ADHD but not much. Instead of upping the dosage, he's ordered me to take Wellbutrin as well. We'll see how that works.

Still no luck in finding work here. I hate NYC with a passion. I hate this life and the pain that goes with it.

Well I'm bored with this. I'll write more later.

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