Saturday, October 20, 2012


last monday i went to get evaluated to see if i qualify for disability. god i hope i get it. please god, give me this. with this money i can save up for bills, buy webspace for my comic companies, save up a little bit of spending $$ for myself, go to a real gym (with a new mp3 player so i wont get bored) and have a normal life.

something interesting at the evaluation. i found out i have adhd not add. that explains so much. impulse control problems being one of them. for example, the week before this monday i earned 300 bucks for doing someones page. i blew half of it on a call girl which turned out to be less than satisfactory (according to her, i was ridiculously handsome, smelled great but gave off a predatory vibe and it made her nervous) and some of the rest for a funeral wreath. later that night i went out to drink.i remember coming back home then just sleeping most of saturday. i swear on my godfathers ashes i dont remember what i remember doing with the rest of the money. less than 24 hrs i blew 300 bucks. fucking christ that pissed me off. fucking impulse shit.

and i lost interest in writing the blog. im bored. fuck off

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