Saturday, October 27, 2012

So the weekend is upon me. I started my Wellbutrin regime alongside my Vyvanse and Abilify. The dark cloud that hangs over my head seems to have dissipated and the black dog that hounds my every move is asleep.

Maybe this cocktail of ADHD and anti-depressive meds is doing the trick. I don't feel the urge to break down in tears, nor do I feel as if people are against me. Now what's left is to tackle my lack of motivation to do anything. One of the common problems of depression is the lack of interest in things I liked to do. I get bored very quickly of books, tv shows, movies, and hobbies. I got over 40 books I've not read yet due to disinterest. It sucks.

I might be going to a Haunted House this Wednesday. Should be fun. I've always loved those attractions. Even the non-Halloween fun houses I'm quite fond of.

Infinity Comics' 2nd issue, Tales of Danger has been delayed since the summer. And now it looks like we might not make the Halloween deadline. I swear it's as if it's artists versus writers sometimes.

I wish I continued my lessons when I was younger, I'd be doing most if not all the work for IC.

And that's it for now. nothing happened today so this entry is short.

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